Jaws Comes Home


At one time or another, “Jaws” has had most of us afraid to go swimming in the ocean. Fortunately, the fact that it’s just a movie and that actor Robert Shaw didn’t actually get eaten and that the shark’s name was Bruce allowed most of us to get over our fear.

We regret to inform you that Discovery’s latest Shark Week entry, “Return of Jaws,” is about to bring all that back Monday, 8/5 at 9 PM.

Filmed along the coast of Cape Cod (near the fictional town of Amity where “Jaws” takes place), the “summer home of the great white shark in the Atlantic” according to marine biologist Greg Skomal, the area is the site of the first confirmed shark attack in 76 years in 2012. With shark numbers on the decline, why are shark sightings (more than 40 last year) there on the rise?

At one point, Skomal prepares to send out an alert to clear a lagoon (which also bears an unfortunate resemblance to the one where the chief’s son gets attacked in “Jaws”) as the shark closes in on swimmers.

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